This website is primarily a blog devoted to presenting my conlanging work. Conlanging is the hobby – or art – of constructing languages. I’m mostly concerned with what within the conlanging community is called artlanging – that is, creating languages for my own pleasure, not necessarily tied in with any other more laudable goal (such as e.g. improving worldwide communication, as ‘auxlangs’ such as Esperanto and Lojban aim to do). I’ve been involved in this hobby since 2001, and tie in all of my creations into the social and cultural context of my conworld, named (rather arbitrarily) Burnath.

My principal languages include High Eolic (grammar PDF here) and Trurian (my first conlang, currently undergoing a major refurbishment). I’ve worked on many others set in my conworld over the years, but these are the two major ones. Others may receive further elaboration in the future.

The hosting for this site is kindly provided by the Language Creation Society, of which I am a proud and devoted member. Fiat lingua!

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