This is a list of all my grammars and other conlanging and conworlding resources that are currently available publicly. Retaining exclusive authorship / copyrights unless otherwise noted.


Grammar of High Eolic (PDF): a comprehensive grammatical sketch of High Eolic.
TEAM Morphology in Eolic Languages (PDF): a diachronic analysis of the development of TAM and evidential systems in Eolic languages.


– The Callambut of Callútut’s ‘Divine Will’ (PDF): introduction to an important Olerist religious text (English translation and HE original).
Eolic naming practices (PDF): a short outline of the way names are given in Eoleon.
On the Political and Economic Status of Vitria (PDF): a short document explaining why Vitria has remained a relatively weak actor in political and economic terms.


East Burnath and Carbia (JPGs): two very low-quality photos of my hand-drawn maps of the eastern part of Burnath. Supplied with tags for a general idea of the lay of the land.

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