High Eolic word of the day: lin

lin (noun or quantifier): hundred, a hundred; a hundred men. Also occurs as a personal name, Lindut (or Linas).

lind-á langa ngúrnam veláyarcalá
hundred-PL also see.PERF.TRANS fire.Deity.ACC.PL
“hundreds more have seen the flames of the Deity”
(Taršemâ, Arûm 2: 2)

Listen to the example sentence here: W_HE_040_lin_example

lin can be used both as a stand-alone noun and as a numeral (as in rattásuralin ‘a hundred soldiers’). The personal name Lindut, also occurring in the form Linas, is quite popular in Eoleon, as are names derived from other numerals (such as Ngurnas from ngurn ‘twelve’ and Lárindas from lárind ‘thousand’). They should probably interpreted in the sense of bestowing upon the bearer of the name the qualities or capabilities that can be expected of a (group of) X people, such as “[powerful like] a hundred [men]”.

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