Happy 2012 & switch to Trurian ‘Words of the Day’!

First a happy new year to anyone who might be (at least occasionally) tracking this blog – the recent silence on my part was mostly due to the holiday season, but also because I’ve grown slightly bored with High Eolic ‘words of the day’. Posts like that will continue, but in another language – Trurian – which was the first language I ever created (around 10 years ago), and has recently undergone a major overhaul.

I’m planning to release the grammar for Trurian 2.0 some time in February. Until then, I might publish a few more grammatical ‘teasers’ (a couple can already be found under the ‘trurian’ tag – see here) – but there will also be Words of the Day (three per week, as with High Eolic in this past year), beginning on 16 January! This is actually quite an exciting exercise for me – the lexicon for Trurian is already quite well developed, with around 3000 entries, but it will be great to both fill the existing gaps, as well as try to explain the nuances of usage of some words in a bit more detail. And hopefully it’s an interesting language in terms of structure as well!

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