Trurian word of the day: gö

 (noun): snow (fallen or lying on the ground)

finicher er-melther
yesterday this-path.ADV snow
“there was snow on this path yesterday”

Listen to the example sentence here: W_TR_004_goe_example

The noun (from which the adjective göraí ‘snowy, snowed upon’ is also derived) is clearly contrasted with tärnich, which means ‘snowfall’, i.e. ‘snow in the process of falling’, as opposed to snow that is already lying on the ground.

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3 Responses to Trurian word of the day: gö

  1. roninbodhisattva says:

    Do you have a grammar of Trurian or any more notes on the grammar? I would love to see something more comprehensive!

    • jonafras says:

      The grammar is about 70% “done” (still have the syntax and pragmatics to deal with). I’m happy to send you the current “in-work” version as long as you’re not averse to reading a messy Word file!

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