High Eolic word of the day: evál

evál (noun): cloud. Occurs as the main element in Eválun (Eoleon) and Evála (Eolla).

ca ngúrnavam evál-á cránartemec
I see.IMPERF cloud.ACC-PL sky.INESS
“I see clouds in the sky”

The symbolism of clouds is very important in Eolic culture: after all, Eoleon itself means “Land of the Cloud”, and Eolla (the capital of Eoleon), in its High Eolic form Evála, means “City of the Cloud”. Clouds are associated with beauty, but also with high places, the sky, and heavens. The implication is that the kingdom of Eoleon, nestled high in the mountains – literally, among the clouds – towers over those of the lesser peoples surrounding it, and elevates the moral, spiritual, and martial worth of Eoleon’s inhabitants over that of all other places.

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