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‘Passive’ clauses in Trurian

Trurian does not have any conventional ‘passive’ construction. Instead, decreasing verb valence by demoting the agent of an action to an oblique role is handled through either of two mechanisms: 1) introduction of the promoted patient in a verbless relative … Continue reading

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Internally headed relative clauses in Trurian

I have recently relaunched Trurian, my first conlang (the first sketch dates to around 10 years ago). It’s a really pleasant feeling to be working on something fresh, and it’s also somewhat easier than my High Eolic work – both … Continue reading

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Updated version of High Eolic grammar now online!

This post announces the first major update to the grammar of my (currently) principal conlang, High Eolic (PDF of grammar available here). This includes various minor updates, which are mostly refinements rather than changes, such as: 1) the possibility of … Continue reading

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