Updated version of High Eolic grammar now online!

This post announces the first major update to the grammar of my (currently) principal conlang, High Eolic (PDF of grammar available here). This includes various minor updates, which are mostly refinements rather than changes, such as:

1) the possibility of using obliques in spatial cases to express demoted agents in passive clauses, as in the following example (see p. 81-2 in the grammar for more details):

nassár-ut ríc-erc mbevánd-acir
lumberjack-DEF kill-PASS log-DEL
“the lumberjack was killed by a [falling] tree”

2) a more detailed discussion of honorific use (p. 99);

3) a type of clause dedicated to answering yes/no questions with further elaboration (p. 95);

4) remarks on interpreting grammatical relations in combined clauses (p. 108);

5) various miscellaneous additions (such as phonetic streamlining of certain affixes), or making explicit functions and constructions that were already tacitly assumed (as with explicating more functions of the benefactive and the completive).

Comments are welcome!

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