High Eolic word of the day: sindárte

sind- (ditransitive verb), imperfective sindárte: to enquire, ask a question.

ca sind-am mangárándalut varándettárut
I ask-PERF.DITRANS illness.king.ACC.DEF father.ILL.DEF
“I asked my father about the king’s illness”

sindárte is a typical ditransitive verb in that it takes two core arguments: an accusative argument, which refers to the question or topic being asked about (mangárándalut in the example above), and a secondary argument in the illative case, referring to the person who is being asked the question (varándettárut in the above example). The illative often occurs with verbs that imply some form of movement towards the object – in the case of sindárte, the ‘movement’ is that of the question being conveyed.

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