High Eolic word of the day: asseng

asseng (noun): soft, mushy, liquid, melted.

cellat callingut civa asseng-es arnúsúnin
now snow.DEF become.COMPL melted-ESS mountain.SUPERESS
“the snow in the mountains has melted [by] now”

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2 Responses to High Eolic word of the day: asseng

  1. Amanda says:

    I have been pronouncing these wrong the whole time I’ve been reading the blog. (Have finally gone in search of & downloaded the grammar PDF!)

    Maybe I should have clicked on an mp3 link or two 🙂

  2. jonafras says:

    Glad to see the recordings be at least of some use 🙂

    The PDF might be a bit daunting… but seriously I wouldn’t really know how to present my work otherwise in a (more or less) professional manner! I’m thinking of posting some further grammar bits and pieces in the future as blog posts if anything interesting pops up.

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